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Sarina is a high-end apartment building located in the center of Sala urban area. Adjacent to the commercial axis, office buildings, bustling commercial houses, and surrounded by fresh natural air from Sala Park and Lam Vien ecological park.

Location: Sala Urban Area, Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2.

Scale: Located on the land area of ​​8,880 m2. Includes 10 floating floors, 2 basements and 1 roof floor.

Number of apartments in: 186 units
Area of ​​2-bedroom apartments: 89.7 m2 - 119.2 m2.
Area of ​​3-bedroom apartments: 118.3 - 145.4 m2

Number of commercial shops: 43 commercial apartments and 4 studio apartments.

Sarina apartment project is adjacent to commercial axis, office building on Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, adjacent to the bustling Sari Town commercial town and 5ha Sala park. In addition, Sarina has a panoramic view of 128 hectares of ecological Lam Vien and Saigon River.

In addition to enjoying not only the pure nature, Sarina residents also enjoy superior facilities, worthy of the upscale lifestyle.

Sarina apartment is designed according to modern and luxurious architecture, optimizing utility. Overall Sarina harmonizes with nature with 2 garden swimming pools on the 4th floor, the roof is designed according to ecological trends including garden, bay area, relaxation, fitness, and each apartment has at least 2 Clear face welcomes natural light.

Complete materials and equipment are selected from leading brands. Achieving high standard of quality and design, sharp finishing to every detail brings true satisfaction to customers.

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