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The Key Projects of major transport infrastructure in Thu Thiem New Urban Area

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The Key Projects of major transport infrastructure in Thu Thiem New Urban Area
The Key Projects of major transport infrastructure in Thu Thiem New Urban Area

The Key Projects of major transport infrastructure in Thu Thiem New Urban Area


Thu Thiem is located on a 647-hectare peninsula across the Saigon River from the historic center of Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Thiem's master plan is focused on development of Thu Thiem as a sustainable, dynamic, mixed-use central business district.

The plan is based on a framework of transportation, land use, and public spaces that integrates the existing ecological conditions of the lower Saigon River and responds to the climate of southern Vietnam. The plan for Thu Thiem strengthens the city's extraordinary bond with the river and is a model for long-term sustainable growth in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Currently, Dai Quang Minh Real Estate Investment Corporation is investing in major transport infrastructure in Thu Thiem New Urban Area. These are significant works of Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to the economic, cultural, and social development of Thu Thiem in particular, and the city in general. The key projects include:


Four main roads of Thu Thiem

The total length is 11.9 km.

+ Crescent Boulevard R1(3.4 km)


+ Central Lake Drive R2 (3 km)


+ Waterfront Park Drive Commercial R3 (3km)


+ Crescent - Delta Boulevard R4 (2.5 km)


Including 8 bridges and 2 viaducts.

Applying advanced technology using Deep Soil Mixing Column (DSMC) and Prefabricated Vertical Drains with Vacuum Method (PVDV) in the treatment of soft land.

Elevation of 3.4 m - 3.8 m above sea level to ensure flood protection for the next 100 years.

Four main roads are designed to meet the traffic requirements for a modern and international-level city. The technical infrastructure is synchronized and built underground, while technical and aesthetics factors are balanced to create harmony for the construction works.

The four main roads of Thu Thiem constitute the traffic axis connecting all the functional areas of Thu Thiem New Urban Area with regional traffic system. Along with Saigon River tunnel and bridges, the four main roads form a complete transport system, connecting the East with the existing city center, creating a prerequisite for attracting investment, contributing to the socio-economic development of Thu Thiem and HCMC.


Central Square and Riverside Park


Central Square - Thu Thiem

+ Area: 20.72 ha.

+ Connecting with the existing Central Business Districts via Saigon River Pedestrian Bridge, of which one end is at Me Linh Square, District 1.

+ The square is planned to be the largest public space in Vietnam and the highlight of Thu Thiem New Urban Area.

+ Central Square will be the place to organize cultural, political, and entertainment events for residents in Ho Chi Minh city.


Riverside Park - Thu Thiem

+ Area: 7.26 ha.

+ This public work stretches along 2km of Saigon River’s East Bank, from the International Exhibition Center in the North to the Sports and Recreation Zone in the South.

+ The riverside park has been developed into a unique ecological center with features of Southern culture . This will be a multi-functional public space with landscaped gardens, orchards, sports fields, kiosks ... for recreational activities of residents.


Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

Total length is 1,465m, with the main span of 885.7m, including 6 lanes.

One end is at Ton Duc Thang - Le Duan crossroads in District 1 and the other is at Crescent Boulevard (R1) in District 2.

Cable-stayed bridge with a 113 meter-high Dragon-concept tower curved to Thu Thiem New Urban Area.

Thu Thiem Bridge 2 connects Thu Thiem New Urban Area with District 1, contributing to the improvement of the city's main transportation system as well as linking transport network between Ho Chi Minh City and Southeast provinces.


The Southern Delta

Area: 150.25 ha

A vast wetland ecological region in the south of Thu Thiem peninsula, bordering Saigon River.

The Southern Delta is “the green lung” in the middle of the city, contributing greatly to the preservation of the natural environment, limiting flooding and balancing the ecology system. In particular, the ecological forest area has the role of preserving the environment, improving life quality and becoming a regional and international eco-tourist site with a research institute, an ecological resort, and a theme park.


Pedestrian Bridge

The Walking Bridge will connect the Central Square of Thu Thiem new urban area with the west bank of Saigon river at Me Linh construction site. The project of a pedestrian bridge longer than 500m will symbolize the development of Ho Chi Minh City in the 21st century.

The architecture of the pedestrian bridge is designed in harmony with the urban space and landscape, ensuring absolute safety for pedestrians and typical of the city's culture. The main function of the Walking Bridge is to serve the needs of sightseeing, traveling, enjoying and organizing festivals.

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